Fencing Equipment: Epee

Fencing Equipment: Epee

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Fencing Equipment: Epee is the only book that tells you what you need to know to buy your epee fencing equipment. It explains what each piece of required equipment is and what to look for as you buy it. Why can you buy a complete epee for about $45 while some epee blades cost almost $150 all by themselves? You need to know the difference between junk and treasure and it isn't obvious by just looking at the pieces of epee fencing equipment. Knowing this information can save you time and money as you learn the difference between what's worth paying extra for, and what you can buy at the local hardware store.

In this comprehensive, 140+ pages of material, with 22 black and white photographs, you will learn more than you thought possible about epee tips, epee blades, bell guards, body cords and sockets, masks, fencing jackets, plastrons (underarm protectors), chest and breast protectors, knickers, fencing socks and fencing shoes, and more. You'll find out which eight things you absolutely need to carry in your fencing bag to help you keep your weapons in shape for the next tournament and which of these you need to buy from a fencing retailer and which you can buy at the local hardware store.

Fencing Equipment:Epee has a section directed to parents of youth fencers, providing advice on how to best support your son or daughter in the sport.

Wheelchair epee fencing is also discussed as an exciting format for fencers with mobility disabilities to compete at national and international levels.

When you purchase this book, you will be supporting the nonprofit Fencing Institute of Texas, one of Texas' premier 3-weapon fencing clubs. A portion of the net proceeds from your purchase will be donated to this club.



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